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Founded in the City of Long Beach in 1964, the Long Beach Community Improvement League (CIL) began as a grass-roots organization of community members, educators, and volunteers determined to overcome racial inequality within the school system and the community. When fifty years ago our first program, PROJECT TUTOR, began, the response was explosive: within 6 months, Project Tutor had to be moved to a larger facility, located at 2222 Olive Avenue in Long Beach. Less than one year from its inception, CIL was incorporated as a nonprofit organization.   CIL continued to successfully grow, as early organizers began to expand CIL's services in response to residents' needs.  CIL was also the first Head Start Program in the entire western region.

Our Mission:

Today, our mission stands as it has for fifty years: To create quality public service programs to empower the community economically, socially, and culturally. 

Our Goal:

Our goal has been to provide quality urban action programs designed specifically to alter and positively affect all aspects of life for members of the Long Beach community.

Our Vision:

To continue our commitment of building strong partnerships with other community services in order to afford our residents integrated comprehensive services, to avoid duplication of efforts, and to maximize scarce resources. Therefore, our residents will be empowered to attain their full potential, meet new challenges, and reach their goals of self-actualization.


Past Programs & Accomplishments

Our rich history is replete with groundbreaking programs that have educated, empowered, and transformed lives in the heart of the most economically disadvantaged area of our city. From our humble beginnings with Project Tutor, Adult Education, and the Negro History Project, we have made vast strides in a wide array of social services. CIL offered the first Head Start in the western region, and pioneered programs such as Community Health and Mobilization; Violence Intervention & Prevention; Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Education; Job Placement and Training for the unemployed and underemployed; Teacher Training for welfare recipients; Youth Enrichment; Community Awareness; Media Development; Child Development; Before/After School Care.

                                                                   At CIL, we are proud to look back on our past accomplishments, dedicated to our mission and vision today, and eagerly looking forward to the next fifty years of serving our community, by continuously striving to develop innovative approaches to social change.

Words of Appreciation (2004)

It is with great enthusiasm that the Community Improvement League (CIL) is celebrating its 40th anniversary of providing vital quality services to our beautiful city of Long Beach. Since 1964, CIL's greatest reason to stand strong has always been the support it has received from the community.

As our organization forges ahead with additional and much needed programs, the Board of Directors and Executive Director would like to take this opportunity to thank the City of Long Beach and community-at-large for forty years of continued support. Since CIL's inception in 1964, the organization has always been sensitive to the needs of the community ensuring that the voices of the residents were heard at the local, state and federal level of government. 

For over four decades, CIL has strived to bring about total involvement in neighborhoods that were sometimes overlooked economically, educationally, socially and culturally, so as to create an environment conducive to productive family and professional life, and the fulfillment of individual aspirations.

Today our visibility as a community-based organization has grown tremendously. We are opening our new state-of-the-art facility and expanding our programs to our sister city of Signal Hill. Our Long Beach facility and the programs that it houses has been an enormous asset to our community over the years. It has served thousands of children, youth, and adults with a myriad of services. The facility is now completely renovated, in great shape, and our community is quite excited about their beautiful place.

Once again, let us extend our sincere thanks to all of you who have contributed to the growth and success of our organization over the past 40 years, and made it the unique community service provider it is today.

Our accomplishments have proven in recent years that we have the foresight and stamina to expand and accomplish our dreams. Today our challenge is global in scope; we have accepted the task of preparing our children and community for global competition.

We are now ready to go as far as we can, to take extra steps, and to stretch ourselves further in pursuit of our organization's mission and dreams. These dreams are of a strong and self-sufficient community, an economically empowered community, and a community that takes responsibility for the advancement of all its residents. We continue our efforts to foster the support that will eventually fulfill our dreams. With you, the community as our partners, we will succeed.

Thank you, our city, community, partners, donors, founders, and friends. Thanks for continued support and the opportunity to serve and work with you hand-in-hand.

 The social, economic, and educational problems and injustice that CIL waged war against 40 years ago still plague our community. Therefore, our work is not done. Today, we are an older and wiser organization, and realize that we must acknowledge the dedication and commitment of our constituents.

 Let us continue to work together to reach our goals and to go beyond our dreams. It will only be by virtue of continued partnership between CIL, other community service providers, residents, and stakeholders that CIL will continue to flourish as an asset and public benefit for at least 40 more years.

With great appreciation & sincere thanks,
CIL's Board of Directors


                       Child Care Info-line

For detailed information about our State Subsidized Child Care and Development & Before/After School Programs, please visit our child care information website:   www.lbcil.info

or call our toll free Child Care Info-line: 

(877) 757.0207




Dr. Farahnaz Khaleghi,

Our Executive Director's Message

To Our Children, Parents, and Community:

The Long Beach Community Improvement league's Child Development Program is based on the premise that all children can benefit from a comprehensive interdisciplinary program to foster development and maximize the strengths and unique experiences of each child.

We perceive the role of parents as the principal influence on the child's development. Therefore, we encourage them to be direct and active participants in our program.

We recognize that no one program is able to meet all of a child's and family's needs. Therefore, we strive in building strong partnership with other community services.

We acknowledge the fact that children develop within the context of the family and the family develops within the context of the community. Therefore, we support children's development by establishing collaborative relationships with our parents and our community resources to create an environment that shares responsibility for the healthy development of its children.

We take our responsibility seriously, and we take pride in the trust you have placed upon us. Therefore, today, we strengthen our commitment to you: our children, parents, and the residents of our community, and we continue to search for the best ways to enhance our services by working with you and for you.

With our heartfelt appreciation for 40 years of support,

 Farah Naz Khaleghi, Ph.D., June 25, 2004

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (December 15, 2005)

For: Long Beach & Signal Hill Community Improvement League (CIL)

320 Pine Avenue, Long Beach CA 90802Contact: Laura Sidney, Coordinator (562) 951-3500

 State Preschool Subsidized Child Care for Children Ages 3-5 With Morning and Afternoon Sessions

 The Long Beach Community Improvement League (CIL), a nonprofit, community-based social service organization, serving the Long Beach and Signal Hill Community for over 40 years, is now, for the first time offering State Preschool for children ages 3 to 5 years old at two child development centers.

Families that qualify will receive free services and free meals. The program offers quality child care for families in morning and afternoon sessions, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:30 to 5:30 pm.

CIL's executive director, Dr. Farah Naz Khaleghi, announced that effective immediately, the CIL is enrolling children for this new state program. The services are fully subsidized and available five days a week, Monday-Friday.

The two CIL Centers are located at: 2222 Olive Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90806, and 2399 California Avenue, Signal Hill, CA 90755.

For more information about the Long Beach Community Improvement League, call or visit CIL website at www.lbcil.org



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ( October 4, 2005)

For: Long Beach Community Improvement League (CIL)

320 Pine Avenue, Long Beach CA 90802Contact: Laura Sidney, Coordinator (562) 951-3500

State Subsidized Child Care And Development Services For Families Displaced By Hurricane Katrina

Families displaced by Hurricane Katrina have come and are still coming to Long Beach and California. These families are in critical need of social services including quality, affordable child care and development services while they are seeking housing and employment to rebuild their lives.

The Long Beach Community Improvement League (CIL), a nonprofit, community-based social service organization, serving the City of Long Beach for over 40 years, is opening its doors to these families and their most precious possessions, their young children.

CIL's executive director, Farah Naz Khaleghi, announced that effective immediately, the CIL will provide temporary child care and development services to these families at the CIL's two facilities. These services are fully subsidized and children will also receive free-of-charge three nutritious meals daily. CIL services will be available five days a week, Monday-Friday, from 6: 30 am to 6:00 pm.

CIL will also provide referral to displaced families to appropriate local social service agencies to meet their needs for additional services such as housing, employment, and emergency food, medical, and mental health.

The two CIL facilities are located at: 2222 Olive Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90806, and 2399 California Avenue, Signal Hill CA 90755.

For more information about the Long Beach Community Improvement League call or visit CIL website at www.lbcil.org



CIL: 50 Years of History

                      CIL: 1964-65


                      CIL: 1964-65

Echoes of Our Past...

Independent Press Telegram - July 11, 1965      "A self-help movement that sprang from nowhere will proudly light up its first birthday candle today, in just 12 months the League has tutored more than 300 students...rounded up the same number of volunteers...received a 16,000 grant from the federal government for a Project Head Start Center."

Words of Today -

Press Telegram - December 12, 2000                 

"With a shortage of quality day care in the local area, Compton College and the Long Beach Community Improvement League have joined together to train child care teachers and providers.  In the process, they will be giving marketable skills to welfare recipients."

Glimpses of Our Future:

Press Telegram - May 23, 2002                            

"The Long Beach Community Improvement League is growing.  The community services organization is devoting more space for its programs helping low-income families, and also plans to build a child development and community center in Signal Hill."

                 IN MEMORIAM

  America Lost A Great Woman

       CIL lost a great friend and supporter

The Passing of Congresswoman
Juniata Millender-McDonald
California Representative
Sunday, April 22, 2007

California Rep_ Millender-McDonald Dies - Examiner_com


CIL Board Chair Emeritus Frances Rains

Frances_Rains:_pioneer, nurse



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