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Dear Friends and Caring Supporters of CIL's Children and Families,

We would like to thank you for visiting our web site, and for being concerned with the well being of low-income children and families. We at CIL greatly value the support of concerned citizens like you, whose contributions throughout the years have made it possible for our organization to grow, thrive, and expand its services to enhance the lives of thousands of residents.

We recognize that there are many organizations that can benefit from your patronage, but what sets us apart from the rest is a fifty-year triumphant track record of providing groundbreaking programs that have produced long-term positive results on thousands of lives. As the “oldest anti-poverty agency in Long Beach,” CIL has consistently provided vital services that have impacted the community and meeting so very needs of its residents.

Your tax-deductible contribution is the ideal short-term and long-term investment, one that guarantees a 100% return with absolutely no risk involved. When you invest in a child's future, you invest in the family; and when you invest in the family, you have invested in the community.

Your generous tax-deductible contribution will go to support the Long Beach Community Improvement League's services and programs, including:

• Child Development Centers in Long Beach and Signal Hill
• Early Education Materials and Equipment
• Staff Development and Training
• Parent Training
• Teacher Training Program
• Community Empowerment Programs

Your contribution will also support the development and implementation of a new computer center, as well as music, dance, art, and drama programs for all our children to enjoy and our community to benefit.

We at CIL wish to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to following Foundations and Agencies for their invaluable support of and contributions to our organization:

Ahmanson Foundation
Crail - Johnson Foundation
Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation
 Knight Foundation    
Ralph M. Parson's Foundation
S. Mark Taper Foundation
Weingart Foundation 
City of Long Beach Nonprofit Assistance
City of Signal Hill
United Way

We also wish to thank many caring individuals whose generosity has played an important role in both fulfilling our mission and attaining our goal of being an effective community service provider.

Please make your tax deductible contribution checks payable to:

Long Beach Community Improvement League

Mail to:   
               Attention: Controller
               Long Beach CIL
               2222 Olive Avenue
               Long Beach, CA 90806

We will send you the acknowledgment letter with necessary information for your tax deductible contributions. In you need more information, please contact us at (562) 951-3500 or

Thank You

Children Furniture Contribution of
The Ahmanson Foundation

Just how valuable is a child's experience in an early childhood education program!


Recent research has shown that children with an early qualified child development start have:

  • Higher grades

  • Greater social and emotional maturity

  • More frequent high school graduation/GED completion

  • Better attitudes toward school and better self-esteem

  • Lower incidence of illegitimate pregnancy, drug abuse, and delinquent acts

  • Higher future aspirations, more post-secondary education

  • Higher employment rates and better earnings and, correspondingly, a lower incidence of dependence on welfare

  • Fewer arrests and antisocial acts

  • Better relationships with family members, and a higher incidence of volunteer work


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